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Camping gear backpackers

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Auckland, Auckland

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Good as new

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$ 130.00
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We have been backpacking around New Zealand. Camping in the most beautiful places. Anyway, it’s time to move on, so we are selling our camping gear.
We would prefer to sell everything together but you can also offer to buy certain things separately.
We would have to meet up in Auckland on the evening of April 10th or on April 11th. I know, tight schedule.

What we have to offer is:
A tent, big enough for 2 people. It is not a lightweight tent, but doable to carry it on a hike. We have had a lot of rain on it and never got wet. So waterproof!
A tarp to protect the tent from grondwater
A hammer to get the pins from the tent in the ground
An airmatras. 140 cm wide. Perfect for 1 person. If necessary you can sleep on it with 2 people. Although you it only goes up to 150 kg. So no fat people.
The airmatras comes with an airpump
2 yoga mat things. Those are very light, ideal to use when tramping.
2 fleece blankets. One single size. On double size. It does get cold at night.
2 camping chairs
2 plates, 2 cups, detergent, coolbag, and a cooking pot (the latter has been through a lot, if you want it you can have it. If you don’t want it, we understand)
New Zealand Lonely Planet. Only used by us. Edition 2015.
6 cd’s. To keep the car trips enjoyable, cause really there seems to be no radio reception was in New Zealand. 3cd package with songs from the sixties and 3cd package from Johnny Cash and his inspirations.

We would like to sell everything together for 130 dollar. Please let us know if you are interested. You can mail us at or call 0212681149 (New Zealand number).

Photos will follow soon.

Kind regards,
Sofie and Jo

Camping gear backpackers


Shipping: Pickup
State: Good as new
Payment: Cash

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